Why Organize a Garage Sale Before You Move?

Tips to Help Reduce Your Relocation Charges and Finance the Fees for a Mover

Moving to another town or even to a different neighborhood can be a costly and stressful experience. This is why, today, Alexandria Econo Van Lines LLC has decided to share a few tips with you on how to reduce your relocation expenses and at the same time get rid of the clutter when you move. Read this post to its very end if this sounds interesting.

We, people, love to collect stuff that we will most probably never use again in our lives just because they have a sentimental value for us. There comes a time, however, when we realize that we rarely open the closet where we store all these memories, and the only thing we now use them for is to fill in some of the storage space that we have. Most of us do not realize how much unnecessary stuff we have before the time to hire a seasoned mover and change our home comes.

careful moverIt is worth pointing out that most moving contractors charge for their transportation service by the volume of the items that they need to load in the truck. This means that the less things you pack, the lower your relocation bill will be. This is why we highly recommend that you get rid of the unnecessary clutter before your mover arrives. Organizing a garage sale is a smart decision in this case, as you will not only get rid of many items you no longer need, but you will also profit from it. The money which you earn may even cover your entire relocation bill. Isn’t that just great?

In order to organize a successful garage sale in Alexandria, VA, you need to start the preparations at least 2 weeks in advance and at least a week before your relocation day. To make sure that more people will come, you can make some fliers and hang them around the neighborhood or offer free homemade lemonade to everyone who attends the event and buys something. Good Luck!

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