Want to Avoid Paying Twice for You Belongings?

Tips on How to Avoid Moving Company Scams

Today, it seems anyone that has a van can put on a company sticker, list their number in the phone book, and promote themselves as a true and reputable moving company. Over the last few years, the removals industry has gotten increasingly competitive, and often hard to legislate due to the closing down of the Interstate Commerce Commission. The internet offers the anonymity for scam artists. With the laws on a moving company protocol being a bit murky, disputes between clients and removal firms are becoming all too common, and usually get into a he said/she said situation, with no contract or paper trail to find out when moving scam was done. For customers, the best protection against these scams is to identify the common types of fraud done by disreputable moving firms.

couple scammed by a moving companyOne common scam involves the company supplying a customer a low spoken quote and then charging it once the job is finished. Sometimes, a moving company that intends to pull a moving scam will use their customer’s belongings as leverage and threaten to withhold the possessions unless the cost is paid in full. To minimize this, customers should insist on a hard copy quote rather than a verbal from their movers. Should the quote given be within a cost or a per pound quote, the customer should request a clause in their quote that confirms the charges do not exceed the agreed amount.

In recent years, the anonymity of the Internet has allowed firms plotting to do such scams to pose as fake moving brokerages. Whereas a legitimate one facilitates the matching of carriers to clients, there are thousands of scam brokers that give false prices to customers, and then sever contact or use alias once a job is done.

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