Top Moving Myths

Choosing the Right Transportation & Moving Service

There are often a lot of myths in every industry, and the moving industry is not different. In this blog post, we will debunk some of this myths, so you can decide the credibility of a transportation & moving company.

“Every moving is a disaster” is a frequently used comment by other users, although some of them have never experienced one before. The secret to have a stress-free moving is to plan everything in advance, and you will be able to conduct it very smoothly. As a professional transportation & moving service, we recommend planning the move at least six weeks before the big day.

“All boxes are suitable for packing”. This is a big mistake because every box has a different use and also depends on the material of the box. For example a professional moving box is more resistant, and therefore you can store heavy things inside. But, if you use a common card box, it will surely rip apart and the things inside will break. As a matter of fact, size is also very important when it comes to boxes, some things such as baby toys or books can be packed in small boxes. But clothes and kitchen appliances will need larger ones.

For most people, labeling can be a waste of time, but this is far from the truth. Although labeling can be a bit frustrating when packing, it is a real time saver when you get to your new place and you need to unpack. Remember to be as detailed as possible when labeling.

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