How to Prepare Your Possessions for the Move

What to Do before Booking Moving Services

Moving to a new home can be a really stressful and time-consuming process. If it’s not well planned even when using moving services, the whole thing can go really wrong, so you need to take the time and think about everything beforehand. To help you on that part, we prepared a useful list of things to do:

– Start the packing process by deciding which items you use and need and which you can live without. It’s important to take only things that you put in use or have a real sentimental value. You can give away or sell all the unneeded items.
– Think about the packing supplies. You should start collecting boxes from people close to you or local store that trashes them anyway. If you can’t find them that way, you can order some online.
– When you get your supplies and start the actual packing, remember to first put in the boxes the things you won’t be needing soon. For example, if it’s summer put away all the coats and sweaters.
– After you finish putting everything into boxes, start labeling them. You should write on each and every box your name, the room that it’s supposed to go in at the new place and a list of the things inside. On boxes with things that can easily get broken write ‘fragile’ so the movers know to be extra careful with them.
– When you are moving furniture, make sure that all the parts of a whole are staying together. For example, when you unscrew the legs of your coffee table, tie them to the top part. Also, put all the bolts and little pieces in a plastic bag and tape them to the main part of the table too so they don’t get lost.
– To avoid getting any scratchable furniture ruined, wrap it in protective padding. You can use blankets and liners, but they get ripped more easily. The padding will protect your belongings better.

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