Alexandria Econo Van Lines LLC is a reputable moving company located in Alexandria, VA. We have over 6 years of experience in this line of work, so we are now able to provide our clients with a wide range of useful services. And since we get a lot of questions about everything we do, we have decided to share more information with you on this page. So if you are interested to know how a mover from our company can help you, just keep on reading.

Moving can be really stressful and also time-consuming, which is why it’s always better to have someone helping you. In case you are currently in Alexandria, VA and you are planning to move out of your current home or office, you should turn to us. We, from Alexandria Econo Van Lines LLC, are experts with a lot of experience and can provide you with office and home moving services, as well as long distance moving and storage. We have not only large moving trucks but also the manpower and expertise needed to make your move smoother and less stressful.

Everyone on our team has passed background checks, so you can rest assured that all your belongings will be in safe hands. All of us are able to lift heavy items and boxes and take them down the stairs. When you choose our moving company, you can rest assured that all your possessions will be loaded onto the moving truck quickly and everything will be taken to your new place safely. We always make sure that your items are secured with straps in the truck so nothing gets scratched or broken.

Whenever you want to hire a mover from our company for your home or office move, you should not hesitate to get in touch with us. Dial (202) 644-8206 right away if you have any questions or want to set an appointment!