How to Save on Packing Supplies When You Are about to Move

Professional Moving Services Do not Have to Be Expensive

Packing for a major home moving project is definitely not an easy job, and it also involves some investment in packing boxes and supplies. In order to help you save some money on that, our specialists have listed a few tips on where and how to find all types of packing stuff you may need, and how to organize the process better. This way, packing will not add to the price of your moving services, and they will become much more affordable!

  • Packing supplies and moving boxesVisit your local grocery store and ask the manager for any used delivery boxes which will no longer be needed. In most of the cases you will be able to get plenty of boxes for free.
  • Ask your neighbors or friends whether they have some extra packing supplies which they no longer need. If so, you can use them to pack your personal belongings. These can be wrapping paper, bubble wrap, tape, scissors, etc. If not, you can use some non-conventional methods instead. For example, you can stuff the empty space in between your plates and kitchen supplies with pieces of fabric or old clothes instead of using bubble wrap, or you can use old newspapers to wrap some inexpensive goods.
  • If you want to label each box you pack, do not buy standard labels, instead, you can use the old crayons of your children to color a corner of each box. This color-coding system will work great if you use the same crayon to mark boxes with objects from┬áthe same room. For instance, the boxes with plates can be marked with blue, and your spices and kitchen decoration can be in boxes marked with blue as well; bathroom cleaning supplies, cosmetics and towels can be all packed in boxes marked with green, etc.

For more free tips on packing, you can contact the specialists of Alexandria Econo Van Lines LLC in Alexandria, VA. We have been providing exceptional moving services for the members of the local community long enough to know how to help you save money. We are expecting you at (202) 644-8206!

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