How to Pack for a Move on a Tight Budget

Ask Our House Mover about How to Save on Packing Supplies!

Moving can be an expensive project, especially if you do not know any saving tricks. Luckily, you have the specialists of Alexandria Econo Van Lines LLC to help you here with a few hints on packing on a budget. Today, we will reveal a few secrets that will allow you to spend much less on boxes, wrapping supplies, and containers.

Here’s what you may do:

  • Do not ask your house mover for rental boxes. Instead visit a friend or neighbor that has just moved in and still has some boxes to lend you.
  • Plan B. If you do not have a person to ask for packing boxes, you can always go to your local grocery store and ask the staff whether they have any delivery cardboard containers that they no longer need and intend to throw away. They will be more than happy to give them to you and get rid of some junk.
  • Once you have the boxes you need, it is time to think about the supplies. Wrapping paper is definitely a must-have for packing, but it can be easily substituted for towels and clothing to fill in the gaps in your packing boxes. Old newspapers are another good alternative. For electronics and appliances, however, you will still have to buy some bubble wrap.
  • Instead of labeling your boxes with special labels, buy several colors of tape and tape all boxes with staff from one room in one color. Use another color tape to tape the boxes with stuff from another room. This will help your house mover to distribute them properly when they arrive at your new location. Don’t forget to create a legend about which rooms boxes labeled with certain colors should go into.

If you are moving in or out of Alexandria, VA, do not hesitate to use the moving service of our team! All you need to do in order to book our expert help is dial (202) 644-8206 and set up an appointment!

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