How to Pack China When You Need to Move?

Packing Tips to Help You Prepare to Meet the Contractor That Will Provide Moving Services for You

Transporting fine china is a huge responsibility. Although some people believe that booking an insured and licensed moving contractor will guarantee a safe delivery, the truth is that if it is not properly packed, you may have to assemble its parts together after it arrives to your new home.

Do not throw the entire responsibility to the local company providing moving services that you have booked. No matter how gentle and professional they are, if you have not wrapped and secured the china well, it is very likely that it breaks. Here are some packing tips to help you avoid chips and cracks:

  • Careful Moving ServicesUse different boxes to pack different types of china. Plates and bowls can be placed at the same boxed as long as they are well wrapped individually. But never add vases or cups to that same box as that is a recipe for a disaster.
  • Organize different pieces by size after you wrap them well with tissue paper.
  • Wrap all pieces with bubble wrap over the tissue paper and secure with packing tape. Make sure all sides are well covered.
  • Before you place the china items you want to pack in a box, make sure its bottom is covered by at least three inches of packing peanuts. If you do not know where to get these from, ask a local provider of moving services to bring you some in advance.
  • Leave about three inches of space between the sides of the packing box and the edges of the china. Then add some more peanuts, then lay the second layer of china. Shake the box to help the peanuts settle when you are done.
  • Use high-quality tape to seal each box.

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