How to Pack for a Move on a Tight Budget

Ask Our House Mover about How to Save on Packing Supplies!

Moving can be an expensive project, especially if you do not know any saving tricks. Luckily, you have the specialists of Alexandria Econo Van Lines LLC to help you here with a few hints on packing on a budget. Today, we will reveal a few secrets that will allow you to spend much less on boxes, wrapping supplies, and containers.

Here’s what you may do:


Fun Facts and Tips About Moving

Ever wondered how many people yearly go trough all that trouble as you are while moving?

Find out an astonishing amount of the general population in the US that is. You know why you’re moving, but are all those other people doing it? Get to know the main reasons people in America move. Are there any odd balls in these stats – sure, head on below to find out more! And while you’re at it have an early look at our next topic ,which we’ll cover in a separate post, avoiding scams from ill minded moving companies. All that after the jump:


Ten Awesome Moving Tips

Our House Movers Know How to Help You Move in a Hassle-Free Manner

awesome tips for house moversAbout 42 million people move around the US each year. If you are one of them and do not know how to get the process started, Alexandria Econo Van Lines LLC is here for you. Our team has listed 10 tips to help you move in a quick and stress-free manner!