Best Moving Tips and Tricks

How to Hire the Best Moving Company

If you are planning a move soon, there are surely many things you have to think of. In this blog post, we have collected the best and more useful tips and tricks to make your move easier and less stressful.

Remember to contact your reliable moving company at least six weeks before the move; they also need to prepare the truck, boxes and employees to ensure a perfect move. If you don’t want to forget which box you placed your wallet, your mobile phone, or your medication in, make sure you pack an overnight bag with all the essentials. This includes a change of clothes, small toiletries, your laptop, and everything you think you might need.

movers unloading boxesMost of your things will be packed in metal or cardboard boxes; purchase a couple of plastic transparent boxes to pack the items you think you will need first. This includes paper towels, eating utensils, phone charger, toilet paper and more.

After choosing a professional moving company, the second most important thing to do is label all your boxes; it will save you loads of time when unpacking. However, if you want to do it even more efficiently, you can label the contents of the box and which room they must go in, this will also help the movers when placing each box in the right room.

A good trick to pack plates is to place them vertically in boxes as if they were records; make sure you wrap them beforehand. Finally, if you have many electronics at home, label the cables by colors and draw a picture of the back of your electronics so you can remember how they were connected.

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